Normans Christmas Message 2010

Well hello again to you Moggies and your pet humans out there.

The big chill is upon us here in England for the third year in a row so, at this special time of year, we must think of those not blessed with a natural fur coat and allow them some (limited) access to the warmth of fires and radiators in our homes (when we have finished with them). Although, generally speaking, a well placed, quietly extracted claw can make them think more carefully about trying to hog all of the heat away from us cats.
Nevertheless, when Christmas arrives it is in keeping with the season to let our humans have some comfort.

Seasons Greeting ~ from Norman

It has been snowing on and off these last few weeks here, which reminds me of winters long past when I was a mere whisker of a kitten ~ I’m sure it snowed some in 2002? I love winter (especially roasting my back and sides on the radiator!) but it is a season when paws can get rather chilly padding around in the ice and snow, so extra fishy treats and nibbles WILL be required, whether returning from a five yard dash to the toilet or taking a hard days sleep by the fire (humans please take note).

I believe that EVERYONE would benefit from a good chill out this winter so, wherever you are spending Christmas and New Year, be kind to your fellow cats, other animals, humans and yourself and do please make a resolution to slow this busy old world down. After all, being awake all day is fairly unskilled and highly overrated! And so my fellow festive friends, follow the feline example and take a good few more cat naps in 2011 and you’ll feel the kindness and joy blossom, just from getting more kip:-)

A Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to you all.

All my love,


x x x

Cat up a tree

Who’s that cat up the tree there?

Ahh it’s Norman…

…to cut a long story short Norman got very excited and started running amok until the lilac tree came into sight. He dashed full pelt up the trunk but was suddenly stopped in his tracks! ……he had nowhere else to go you see 😳 , How embarrassing.

No need to call the fire brigade though, he was back down in a flash.

My lap of luxury?

Dear fellow cats,

Well that time is upon us again when, in England anyway, the rain feels slightly warmer on your fur: yes summer is here! Birds whoosh past at jaw dropping speed, whilst in the house some dastardly scheming is going on.

Norman’s all set for the Summer break

I’ve noticed my adopted family sitting at the computer for hours looking at pictures of blue seas, sunny skies and all kinds of maps and charts. They’re making furtive phone calls too, after shooing me out of the room…well I ask you? So, I’m going to be packed off to the local cattery again for a couple of weeks’ incarceration am I?

Well I’ve decided that this year I am going to handle this awful situation differently: no sulking and skulking, refusing to eat the cattery food and menacing my neighbours with rock hard stares…, no, this year I’ve decided I’m going to get some PPMA, that’s short for Positive Pusscat Mental Attitude , don’t you know!

This will begin when, without cracking a smile, I watch the family pack their funny looking selection of multi-coloured clothing that they wouldn’t be seen dead in at home into their silly bags that roll along the ground. I will keep my PPMA on the long journey to the cattery, when I shall sing along with the radio instead of howling my disgust and emptying my bowels in despair (not a pleasant smell for any of us in such a small car, and a strategy that has failed to work time and again).

Once settled into my prison, sorry ‘lap of luxury’ cat kennel, I shall watch the birds in the sky instead of every flipping aeroplane that passes. No more then the dream of my family’s return and the questioning why oh why I couldn’t go with them. Instead I’ll be meditating on the lovely welcome, and fishy treats, I always get when I get home and the emotional blackmail I can wield for a couple of weeks (at least) until we are all back in our daily routines. It’s just lovely to feel so positive about it all!

Yes, this year, I am going to enjoy this summer break more than ever and because of this new found resolve I send my regards, best wishes and love to all cats and their owners, wherever you are, for a peaceful, relaxing and happy summer 2010.



Norman checking his blooms

… and checking his blooms

Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere

Any table

any chair

Top of piano

Window ledge

In the middle

on the edge

Open drawer

Empty shoe

Any body’s

lap will do

Fitted in a cardboard box

in the cupboard with your frocks

Anywhere, They don’t care

Cats sleep Anywhere.

‘Cats’ by Eleanor Farjeon

norman cat asleep

Moggy Norman ~ Anybody’s lap will do

Eleanor Farjeon

Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965) was a British author of children’s stories and plays, poetry, biography, history and satire. Many of her works were illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. She lived much of her life among the literary and theatrical circles of London, and her friends included D. H. Lawrence, Walter de la Mare and Robert Frost. For several years she had a close friendship with the poet Edward Thomas and his wife. Edward Thomas: The Last Four Years is an account of their relationship. She won many literary awards and the prestigious Eleanor Farjeon Award for children’s literature is presented annually in her memory by the Children’s Book Circle.

From the Faber books website
norman cat asleep

fast asleep on a sunny window ledge

Seasons Greetings from Norman

Norman at Xmas

Merry Christmas folks!

Well it’s dull and rainy out, and was a bit blowy too earlier, but we’re all set here for the snow which is sure to fall soon….

….and I smell the pine, from that tree behind me, and the mince pie mix, which’ll be cooking again at the weekend no doubt.

Now these pies are not for me, as I’m not at all that keen on fruit, though will crunch on a bit of pastry if I find some. No, pies, they’ll be for those pesky guests always fussing and picking me up (the little one’s) or ignoring me entirely (a lot of the big one’s)… but this is the cat’s lot it seems…

..but there are perks, as I myself might get a fishy treat or two any day soon….if I behave myself that is….and well, if there’s enough, I might invite a few of the gang around too…but erm, second thoughts… naaah’ there won’t be enough for sure, so we’ll give that a miss then.

That long hair two doors down is a bit too tough for my liking anyway and he’d be stealing all my treats given half a chance. Can’t have that…even at Christmas.

Nevertheless Ed and I are hoping it’ll be good one this year for us for you alike…

…and so here’s wishing you a Happy Christmas (whichever big guy/gal upstairs you might believe in) and we hope you have a great Happy New Year too.


helped by Ed of course

Hi from Norman again…

Oi. Wat u lookin at

Ah, Back home again

Well, I’m here again reader, just back from my trot around the patch, and ready to tell some more about what I’m about and where I came from….
Did I tell you I’m four years old and have lived with my owners for exactly one year now. It was such a relief to get out of the cat protection shelter after six months. Those people in there are fabulous, they really try to do a good job of caring for you (you get food and fuss sometimes and all that). My one complaint is there’s no room to move in a little 80 x 200 cm (thats metric) cage. And your joints and bones get stiff, even when you’re young like me. We got about half an hour a day to walk around in a bare yard, you know, no trees or long grass to lie in (and stalk a bird or two). I know its cruel of me but you see it’s all built into my nature, so I can’t help that now can I? o.k. That’s the moan over with, on with the tale…[teaserbreak]

How I ended up in the shelter was a whole heck of a mix up really. Like a tangled ball of wool it was! I had lived in a flat with a nurse but because I was out and about a lot (as we Tom cats like to be…mmm yes) when she moved out I got left behind. Well what a cheek I thought! You’d think she’d have remembered me after all those nights of fuss and purring and licking her hand and all. I’d always been a good cat for her, ate my food, settled down early and caught the odd mouse which I’d leave as a present outside her door, just to show her I was a good un.

Out on my own I began to drift for a bit, picking up scraps here and there and sleeping under sheds and pine trees, but my luck was about to change. A kind lady down the next street left out some cheese for me. I cleaned the plate, and you can bet I went back to that door soon after, for another fill up. Before I knew it I was sitting in front of her gas fire watching the TV. Her kindness seemed to wear off after two weeks though, when she went and had me neutered. After a strange ride in a car it was ow! did that hurt (now for those of you who never heard of this, or what it does – neutering is what stops you wondering around and causing trouble with the lady cats in the neighbourhood). Things got even worse after this as I went into a sulking, skulking mood and began bossing her other two cats around so much they wouldn’t come into a room with me. Ooops, I went and did it again.

So ‘kind lady’ wasn’t so kind after all, although when she packed me off to the home she did put all my toys into a box so that my next owners would be able to play with me. Talking of next owners that’s them now telling me to pack it up for the evening and get into my box. It’s cosy in there but you can’t see much. Much prefer the back shelf, you know the one above the radiator. You can see all kinds of stuff passing through in the moonlight.
Anyway, I’m off there right now so until next time,…