Seasons Greetings from Norman

Norman at Xmas

Merry Christmas folks!

Well it’s dull and rainy out, and was a bit blowy too earlier, but we’re all set here for the snow which is sure to fall soon….

….and I smell the pine, from that tree behind me, and the mince pie mix, which’ll be cooking again at the weekend no doubt.

Now these pies are not for me, as I’m not at all that keen on fruit, though will crunch on a bit of pastry if I find some. No, pies, they’ll be for those pesky guests always fussing and picking me up (the little one’s) or ignoring me entirely (a lot of the big one’s)… but this is the cat’s lot it seems…

..but there are perks, as I myself might get a fishy treat or two any day soon….if I behave myself that is….and well, if there’s enough, I might invite a few of the gang around too…but erm, second thoughts… naaah’ there won’t be enough for sure, so we’ll give that a miss then.

That long hair two doors down is a bit too tough for my liking anyway and he’d be stealing all my treats given half a chance. Can’t have that…even at Christmas.

Nevertheless Ed and I are hoping it’ll be good one this year for us for you alike…

…and so here’s wishing you a Happy Christmas (whichever big guy/gal upstairs you might believe in) and we hope you have a great Happy New Year too.


helped by Ed of course

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