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This website intends to take a closer look at cats of every kind and at every stage of life. The articles and pictures here are for fun and entertainment only, however we hope that you find ‘Moggyblog.com’ contains useful information about the myriad types of feline found in the world today, in addition to our common or garden moggies. To us they are all fascinating and beautiful.

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We just adore cats and kittens ’round here, thats all 🙂 Well, he would wouldn’t he, cus he’s a cat (not just any old cat I might add)…. and me, well I just hold the fort and keep the wolf (a.k.a the local cheeky tom cat) from the door…  …well we do let him in from time to time, but no hissing, tail clawing or arched backs on the carpet please.

Moggy Blogs and Cat Weblogging.

So then, we have ourselves a furry fun site for Cat & Kitten owners (now who own’s who?) and feline enthusiasts to browse and blog. Who knows what you or I might learn about these fascinating creatures that just sleep, eat and rest an awful lot (wouldn’t you say)? But when playing they can be a joy to watch, unless of course you happen to be the prey… such is nature,…

Feline Antics and Cat Tales.

Enquire within if you’re so inclined, and you may read about cats and their antics, look up a cat breed or two and perhaps check up on your cats strange, or not so strange, condition (clawing the furniture anyone). We’d welcome any cat question you might care to post and hope one of our more knowledgeable contributors (‘not me!’, Ed.) can help you out. We include all things feline, from the Eurasian Lynx, to the Australian Mist, via the American Bobcat, not to mention the faithful waifs and strays of the weed patch and back yard… but, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then do drop us an e-mail and we’ll try to help out!

Five Thousand years of Cats ~ An Introduction

Most authorities on the subject agree that today’s domestic cat is descended from the African wild cat (Felis silvestris libyca). Bones of this animal have been found in the caves lived in by ancient man. It is not known whether this cat was hunted and killed for food or whether it’s kittens were raised and tamed and used for pest control.

What we do know is that by 2500 BC in Egypt, when agriculture was well established, silos full of gain attracted rats and mice and tabbie cats too (these rodents were a plentiful and constant source of food).

Paintings and Inscriptions from about this time show cats as domestic animals and the companions of us humans. The Egyptians named the cat ‘Mau’ because of the way it meows. Why we call em Moggy or Moggies is not so clear. Some say that in Lancashire, moggy used to mean ‘a mouse’ and the cats were “moggy-catchers”. Eventually the catcher part was dropped and so cat and mouse alike were referred to as moggies.

Bastet, the famous Egyptian cat

The Cat Godess Bastet

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