Thanks and Credits for ‘Moggyblog’

Here is a list of credits for the site. For sources of information I have visited many sites on the world wide web. Also many of the cats we have kept have come from the Cat Protection people.

As always if you would like to contribute any information to the resources on these pages this would be most welcome. You would be credited with this if you so wish. Thank You.

Clearly, with so many cat types and so little time, I’ve had to dip in to existing resources which detail the different cat breeds and their histories.


Wikipedia are my prime source of information. So thanks to you guys at ‘Wikipedia’. By the way each of their articles has a full references section so you can look into the reference even deeper if you so wish.

[2] Cats Protection.

We’ve had a number of cats from this organisation, who do a great job. If you want to provide a loving home to a stray or unwanted cat (in the U.K) then please visit this website and look for a branch near you.

Finally, much love and thanks to all the cats we’ve owned and loved in the past.. Including Freddie, Jingles, Tiger, Pudding, Podgy (a dog – cover your ears lads!),Gingerbread and Norman. Thanks pals,… you’ll all be sadly missed and fondly remembered always.