Flossie, the Oldest Living Cat

A beautiful cat from here in the UK called Flossie is officially, at 27 years of age, the Guinness World Records oldest living cat

Peacefully sleeping

Even though she is now deaf and has lost some of her sight, Flossie is still very healthy overall.

Flossie has lived in many homes and was handed to Cats Protection in August when her owner felt that he was unable to give her the care and attention she needed. He made the difficult decision and sought help in the cat’s best interests.

Luckily through Cat’s Protection, Flossie was able to meet Vicki Green who had experience of older cats. Vicki, says that Flossie is still playful and curious and, despite being partially blind, can quickly adapt to change! 

Of course, like most cats, she loves napping and eating well. “She never turns her nose up at the chance of a good meal,” Vicki says. 

… stepping out by her award

It seems like Flossie has landed on her paws and we are sure that the love is well reciprocated. We wish them both all the best. It is heart-warming to hear the full story below.




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