Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere

Any table

any chair

Top of piano

Window ledge

In the middle

on the edge

Open drawer

Empty shoe

Any body’s

lap will do

Fitted in a cardboard box

in the cupboard with your frocks

Anywhere, They don’t care

Cats sleep Anywhere.

‘Cats’ by Eleanor Farjeon

norman cat asleep

Moggy Norman ~ Anybody’s lap will do

Eleanor Farjeon

Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965) was a British author of children’s stories and plays, poetry, biography, history and satire. Many of her works were illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. She lived much of her life among the literary and theatrical circles of London, and her friends included D. H. Lawrence, Walter de la Mare and Robert Frost. For several years she had a close friendship with the poet Edward Thomas and his wife. Edward Thomas: The Last Four Years is an account of their relationship. She won many literary awards and the prestigious Eleanor Farjeon Award for children’s literature is presented annually in her memory by the Children’s Book Circle.

From the Faber books website
norman cat asleep

fast asleep on a sunny window ledge

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