The Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat of the Month ~ February 2010

A Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats (Skogkatt) are well known for their bright emerald green eyes, long fluffy coats and adoring nature….but where the cats originate from and how they developed their long wild coats is still a mystery?

There are many myths and folk tales that explore the development of this unique cat breed. The most likely story is that Forest Cats descended from domestic cats and arrived in Norway from Europe with the Romans. Further back in time it is also thought they travelled with the Vikings to help rid the longboats of rodents.

It’s likely their long coats developed over the centuries to withstand the cold nights and harsh weather conditions in Norway where they evolved into cats with great survival instincts with water-resistant fur.

For more details try — One of many sites which give more details of this beautiful breed.

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