My lap of luxury?

Dear fellow cats,

Well that time is upon us again when, in England anyway, the rain feels slightly warmer on your fur: yes summer is here! Birds whoosh past at jaw dropping speed, whilst in the house some dastardly scheming is going on.

Norman’s all set for the Summer break

I’ve noticed my adopted family sitting at the computer for hours looking at pictures of blue seas, sunny skies and all kinds of maps and charts. They’re making furtive phone calls too, after shooing me out of the room…well I ask you? So, I’m going to be packed off to the local cattery again for a couple of weeks’ incarceration am I?

Well I’ve decided that this year I am going to handle this awful situation differently: no sulking and skulking, refusing to eat the cattery food and menacing my neighbours with rock hard stares…, no, this year I’ve decided I’m going to get some PPMA, that’s short for Positive Pusscat Mental Attitude , don’t you know!

This will begin when, without cracking a smile, I watch the family pack their funny looking selection of multi-coloured clothing that they wouldn’t be seen dead in at home into their silly bags that roll along the ground. I will keep my PPMA on the long journey to the cattery, when I shall sing along with the radio instead of howling my disgust and emptying my bowels in despair (not a pleasant smell for any of us in such a small car, and a strategy that has failed to work time and again).

Once settled into my prison, sorry ‘lap of luxury’ cat kennel, I shall watch the birds in the sky instead of every flipping aeroplane that passes. No more then the dream of my family’s return and the questioning why oh why I couldn’t go with them. Instead I’ll be meditating on the lovely welcome, and fishy treats, I always get when I get home and the emotional blackmail I can wield for a couple of weeks (at least) until we are all back in our daily routines. It’s just lovely to feel so positive about it all!

Yes, this year, I am going to enjoy this summer break more than ever and because of this new found resolve I send my regards, best wishes and love to all cats and their owners, wherever you are, for a peaceful, relaxing and happy summer 2010.



Norman checking his blooms

… and checking his blooms

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