Normans Christmas Message 2010

Well hello again to you Moggies and your pet humans out there.

The big chill is upon us here in England for the third year in a row so, at this special time of year, we must think of those not blessed with a natural fur coat and allow them some (limited) access to the warmth of fires and radiators in our homes (when we have finished with them). Although, generally speaking, a well placed, quietly extracted claw can make them think more carefully about trying to hog all of the heat away from us cats.
Nevertheless, when Christmas arrives it is in keeping with the season to let our humans have some comfort.

Seasons Greeting ~ from Norman

It has been snowing on and off these last few weeks here, which reminds me of winters long past when I was a mere whisker of a kitten ~ I’m sure it snowed some in 2002? I love winter (especially roasting my back and sides on the radiator!) but it is a season when paws can get rather chilly padding around in the ice and snow, so extra fishy treats and nibbles WILL be required, whether returning from a five yard dash to the toilet or taking a hard days sleep by the fire (humans please take note).

I believe that EVERYONE would benefit from a good chill out this winter so, wherever you are spending Christmas and New Year, be kind to your fellow cats, other animals, humans and yourself and do please make a resolution to slow this busy old world down. After all, being awake all day is fairly unskilled and highly overrated! And so my fellow festive friends, follow the feline example and take a good few more cat naps in 2011 and you’ll feel the kindness and joy blossom, just from getting more kip:-)

A Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to you all.

All my love,


x x x

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