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Happy Birthday Tiffany Two

by Ed  

Cat of the Month ~ March 2015

Tiffany Two Happy Birthday to You!

On March 13 (that's tomorrow!), Tiffany Two, the world’s oldest living cat, will turn 27 years old (that's about One hundred and twenty five in our human years), so it's a massive congratulations from us!

The orange-and-black tortoiseshell spends her days sleeping on the staircase at her home in San Diego, California where she lives with two other cats, just a mere nine and a ten years old.

On the eve of Tiffany Two’s birthday, owner Sharron Voorhees, 73, reminisced (to U.S. Time magazine) about the day in 1988 when she saw the cat at a pet shop that was going out of business. It was the same breed as her old cat Tiffany, which died of cancer in the early 70s. She drove home, but couldn’t stop thinking about it, so she went back to the pet store and bought the cat. “I’ve always said that was the best $10 I ever spent,” she told the reporter.

Mrs Voorhees will be throwing a birthday party for Tiffany Two on Saturday, serving up cupcakes with little fish decorations on top, goldfish crackers, liver mousse, plus champagne for the human guests ( "wouldn't mind getting along to that Ed, Yeah Norm and I can guess why" ).

Congratulations Mrs Voohees - She's a corking cat

Photo: Time Magazine

She claims the cat, which barely weighs six pounds, is in good health: “We take our blood pressure medications every day together. She’s probably in better shape than I am.”

But why has this cat lived so long? “Oh gosh, I don’t know,” Mrs Voorhees says. “She has just been so devoted to me. She would drool when I would stroke her. Sometimes I think she just doesn’t want to leave me.”

Happy Birthday Tiffany Two, and may you have many more!

Emmie the gipsofilia crunching cat

by Ed  

Cat of the Month ~ February 2015

Emmi Crunching

Emmie happily crunching!

This is our small tribute to Emmie, a loving mother of two and a cat with a unique interest in bunches of gipsofilia.

Her amazing party trick was to spend a few minutes entertaining visitors by biting the small, fluffy, white flower heads off gipsofilia and spitting them out onto the nearest surface available.

To be fair, Emmie did soon lose interest and leave her humans the majority of the bunch.

No harm done

Rest in Peace beautiful Emmie x