27th October is ‘National Black Cat Day’ in the UK when Cats Protection highlight, in particular, all the beautiful black cats needing adoption. They have hundreds of them in their centres, so we can’t work out why anybody wouldn’t like to have a black cat as a companion…. they’re just like any other cat, and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

National Black Cat Day was created way back in 2011, as Cats Protection statistics showed that black cats were taking longer to rehome than other domestics. This situation has gotten a lot better since then, but of course, there is always room for improvement. This special day was thought up so as to highlight the fact that these black moggies are being forgotten by families taking on a new cat. At the same time lots of happy owners celebrate the beauty of their black cats on this special day. That, reader, includes me (little Oscar).

Anyway, what better day to celebrate the happy story of one black cat called Ruby who was reunited with her happy owner just this month, after being missing for two whole years!

Cat of the Month ~ October 2020

Ruby the cat
Ruby found, safe and sound

Photograph: © Cats Protection

Ruby went missing from her home near Brogborough, close to a major junction and lorry park on the M1 motorway, in April 2018.

About three weeks ago she was found by security guard Leighton Myers on an industrial estate where he works in Coventry. He was feeding Ruby and, with the help of Cat’s Protection, traced her ownership to Jordan Harvey in Bedfordshire, 60 miles away. Mr Harvey drove to Coventry to collect her and Ruby knew him immediately. Just where she was between April 2018 and October 2020 when Mr Myers started feeding her we will never know but she is healthy and happy. Both Ruby and Jordan were over the moon to be re united with each other once again.

If you think that you could give a loving home to a beautiful black cat ( or other) or support in any other way, please have a look at the Cats Protection website below.

Link: National Black Cat Day | Events | Cats Protection

Cats Protection Black Cat Day Tweet

Oh, and Happy Black Cat Day one and all.

Black Cat Awareness Day

Back Cat awareness day is a day that encourages people to adopt unwanted black cats. It is now to become an annual event, following the massive support it has attracted this year.

Thousands of people backed the UKs first ever Black Cat Awareness Day on 27 October 2016, which drew attention to the hundreds of homeless black cats in Cats Protection’s care. It seems black cats are the cats which are least likely to be adopted by the general public here in the U.K. This has led the charity to introduce it as an annual event in the hope it will continue to raise awareness of unwanted black cats into the future.

stray black cat

A young black stray, spends another evening on the street
Photograph: A. Sergeev

Tom Briggs, of Cats Protection’s Publications and Digital Team, said: “Black Cat Awareness Day clearly caught the imagination of the cat-loving public and I’d like to thank everyone for helping us spread the word. We were so overwhelmed with the amount of people who tweeted, posted, tagged, befriended and uploaded photos in support of the day that we would be mad not to make this an annual event!”

The campaign’s Twitter hashtag, #CPBlackCats, was in the top ten trends on Twitter and at one point it was the third most-talked about subject among UK users, temporarily beating Justin Bieber!

Around 26,000 active users visited Cats Protection’s Facebook page, which is twice its daily average, and thousands of black cat photos were uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and YouTube.

A YouTube video showing campaign mascot Billy attracted 5,800 views in the lead up to the day and around 1,600 people visited Billy’s Facebook page on the day itself to make friends with him. The campaign also attracted support from celebrity cat-lovers including Twiggy Lawson, Samantha Fox and creator of Simon’s Cat, Simon Tofield.

Black Cat Awareness Day was created because Cats Protection is currently looking after 1,300 unwanted black cats, with each one waiting a week longer than average to find a home. Next year’s Black Cat Awareness Day will take place on Saturday 27 October 2012.

To adopt a black cat, please log on to the Cat Protection Website – or call the charity helpline on 03000 121212.