I’m Oscar and I’m Five

Hi Folks and Moggies,

Yes it’s me Oscar. As you may know I help Ed with this blog quite a lot, so have been able to pull a few string to get myself on the front page again this month. I reminded Ed that it’s my birthday this week, and I’m 5 Years Old. Ed said “yes I know you silly puss cat” and proceeeded to open my Birthday Card and fetch me a tasty tin of my favourite fish treat.

When he got back I asked him “as it’s my special week can I please, please, be Cat of the month?”. Ed thought for a bit and then said “…mmmm I’m not sure, Osc you’ve already had that honor bestowed upon you and there are so many brave and beautiful cats to choose from out there, I can’t fit em all in”.

Here I am pretending to be fed up to match that cat on my silly Birthday Card

Like a lot of countries at the moment, we are all here in Lockdown in England and it’s been a time of reflection for those humans and for us cats too (oh yes, I’ve been chatting with my pals out the back there as we cats are immune to that bat bug so can get up to all kinds of antics). Anyway, I too have been looking back at things, now that I’ve reached the splendid age of five.

When I was adopted from the Rescue Shelter I was  a timid thing who would slink around and jump if anyone even came in the room. Four years on I am still a very shy guy but I do walk with a bit more pride and confidence in myself and my own beauty. I still hate the doorbell with a vengeance and run behind the sofa if it goes off, but luckily it has been quiet since March of this year!

I don’t like to admit it but I’m still not good at handling quick movements of humans at all, even when I know they are around. They still catch me by suprise by just coming into the room and I often cower away as I’m taken aback with a bolt of fear…. I think something happened to me as a kitten, but I can’t now recall what it was these days … well after all I am five now, and it was such a long time ago.

Cat of the Month ~ May 2020

Yay, I persuaded him indoors to make me cat of the month. I look a bit odd here as I’ve got my eye on that back door… just in case it’s dinner time again.

Photograph: Ed, who else


I sincerly hope that all those cats out there in Lockdown are OK, and that humans, if at all possible, can continue to contribute to the good work of cat and animal rescue organisations at this time, when they need it more than ever. After all it’s where I came from, and without these places lots of cats would be in the sour milk for sure. I for one wouldn’t be here. I’va asked my mate Ed to put a link in to one of the charities close to my heart below, so if you can spare a few coppers please? … them cats n’ dogs’ll benefit from it, for sure.

Dear readers, I’ve had a lovely birthday week and am feeling particularly magnamimous at the moment “where did you learn a word like that Osc”, Ed so, please take good care of yourselves in this beautiful month of May and, do as we cats do – hunker down in a nice soft patch and let the days and other creatures go by – with the odd break for scran, stalking, hunting, climbing, exploring and generally putting a nose in where it’s sometimes not wanted

Bye for now, I’m off out in that yard to see what’s going down. Yup, I’m a really cool grown up Cat.

Lots of love,
Osc xxx

These kind folks looked after me for ages, so if you can spare a copper or two….The Animal House Charity, West Midlands

… now, let’s see whats going on up here

Happy Birthday Oscar

Little Oscar is just one year old today. So Happy Birthday Kid and here’s to many more!


Oscar posing with his card, which he later tried to eat.
Photograph: Ed @ Moggyblog

Cheetahs Mark and Monty, maul woman

Two beautiful Cheetahs held in captivity at the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, struck last weekend, and the trip of a lifetime to celebrate a Scottish woman’s 60th birthday, turned into a battle of life and death.

Don’t mess with a fully grown cheetah …
Photograph: Archibald D’Mello / AP Photo

The supposedly tame cheetahs attacked Violet D’Mello whilst her husband Archie looked on and, erm, took photos.

Archie remarked afterwards “They seemed to be pretty docile. They said they were hand reared from cubs and were extremely tame and you could stroke them … and not only that, lay on them and they’ll do nothing to you”.

The couple had just taken photos with the animals and were still in the petting area when one of the cats grabbed an 8 year old girl by the leg. Violet tried to stop the attack and allowed the girl to run for safety, but both cheetahs then turned on her in a savage attack that lasted for more than three minutes.

Husband Archie kept taking pictures, documenting the horrific scene as the animals bit and scratched his wife’s head, legs and stomach.

… or you’ll end up in the dirt
Photograph: Archibald D’Mello / AP Photo

Violet recounted the story to the Port Elizabeth Herald reporter.

“… my instinct took over while a guide tried to pull the cats off of me. Something inside me just said, Don’t move,..don’t move at all. Don’t react, just play dead”

The 60-year-old lost a lot of blood during the attack and has a lot of stitches on both her thighs and her scalp, her husband said.

Park manager Mike Cantor told the newspaper, “the park had never had any problems with the previously beloved cheetahs”. It’s not something we’ve ever really experienced. It’s obviously very unfortunate, and we’re looking into what may have startled or riled up the cheetahs”.

The petting facility is now closed to the public while the park investigates the attack.

Thats cats for you!…., so wild and unpredictable (they’re born hunters after all) and that’s why we love em! Glad to hear no one was seriously hurt though, eh Norm. [Ed]

Big Occasion for Norman cat and the gang

Hello there Reader

The Moggyblog gang are pleased to announce that Moggyblog.com will be two years old on January the 1st 2009. So it’s, all together now… Happy Birthday to us!

Norman is getting excited as he will be having a party to celebrate this great occasion, and will be inviting all his friends round for a pukka meaty meal with milk (not too much now!) and buisk, biski, buiskits..,biskits… Cake. Yes they’ll be having cake and milk.

All the best from Moggyblogland we wish you a prosperous 2009.
Norm and I hope you’ll sticking with us and popping back for a look now and again.


Norman resting

Norman (on a warmer day) resting on the garden table after a run in with a squirrel.

…”how the heck do you spell that dear”