Wind and rain dont stop me now

Hi reader, Norm here. I’m back after my long winter break holed up in my kennel (pic to follow – Ed). I know, kennels for dogs ‘n all that, but it does keep me out of those strong winds we’ve been getting round here lately. It’s like someone running a cold hand across my back….and the wrong way at that…eventually I get to cowering all round the garden as I try to make my way…no I don’t like it at all! So was I pleased to get this kennel. Cats and rain you know they don’t mix either much. 🙄 So Xmas, here’s me thinking they brought me a new litter tray made of cardboard and, as usual, I had to go in and investigate. Well when I got in there, there was all this silver and gold snake like stuff mmmm tinsel they call it I think, but my overall impression was of the scent of a previous visiting moggy (that would have been Gingerbread ,Ed) and I wasn’t having any of that, so I duly nestled down and sprayed the whole place (look away now, reader) to ensure that no other cats would be using my tray again. Suddenly, the whole world started to rock and the box floated into the air in the arms of my keeper (I can’t repeat the words that were flying from his mouth, they would make your hair curl) (it wasn’t me!, Ed) and I knew I’d done something wrong. Next thing I was out on the back lawn in the freezing cold (box n’ all) and wondering what all the fuss ‘n bother was about. I just snuggled down and went to sleep in that same box. Well, it made a change from the kennel.
Norman – talking at ya!
Please watch out for my next post reader, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Ciao, N.

Another scrap

Hi reader, Norman reporting.. Well I really went and did it this time. Had my morning bowl and went out for a stretch. Just patrolling my boundary on Friday morning with a bit of scent marking here and there and along comes this fur ball monster of a puss. Noses out from under the fence he does. I was duty bound to protect my territory and wasn’t going to let him step on my ground for a minute. Sadly I knew I was doomed from the start. In seconds Claw and Fur were flying and I didn’t feel it at first. I saw him off alright but suspect he just went home for his breakfast as I was an easy target for the brute. I’m a bit nervous now of that patch of dirt by the fence in case his face appears there again. And for my bravery I have a half inch slash across my forehead which is claw deep…and what’s worse a further result was….well see for yourself.
Looking rough in my ruff
Me in my medical Ruff. Stops me licking the wound.
My owner took this photo to prove the battle was indeed real. And the Ruff..well you see I just cant keep from licking my wound so I’m now trussed up like Mary Queen of Cats. Hope you like my tale, so..until the next time… Ciao, Norm.

Just back from the scrap

Hello reader, Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while… just busy with things… you know how it is. Thought I’d post about seeing off a rival cat in the garden the other day. I did try and make friends but the Tom was having none of it. So I told him where to get off in no uncertain terms. After all I have my reputation to keep up… But I guess one day I wont be king of the hill any longer and I’ll have to hand in my rebel crown….
That stray Tom was not dis-similar to this chap
Bye for now. Norm

Are you sitting comfortably

Well here’s Norman in a very quiet mood I must say.

You’d never know why he was dubbed stormin’ from this little piece… but just watch this space …or check out Normans’ story in Normans Blog (there’s a link just off to the right there). Bye, Ed.

Bye bye January…

Hi Reader…. well, when I left off last time my story ended in floods of tears, not mine of course but those of my kind nurse owner who took me to the cat protection league. Now I don’t know why she was crying ’cause I had a whale of a time in there, met a load of new friends and had a few fun fights (with the odd bitten ear and broken claw, that sort of thing) but nothing a stocky cat like me couldn’t handle.
Moggy Norman
My new garden
Anyway all the scuffles and fighting got me a reputation as being a bit of a tough nut (to crack) and all that. Remember this was a long time before someone tagged me stormin’! and the ladies at the league starting telling people (you know those that were in there to pick up a new pet) that I was not a suitable cat to be housed with other pets or young children. Talk about give a cat a bad name!… most people took this (wrong) advice and just walked by my pen never giving me a second look. But my luck was about to change. I don’t know how many months rolled by but I was well settled in the place (and settled in my basket too after a lovely fishy meal) when this couple stood at the plastic door and started perusing me… but no, next minute they were gone, looking at Henry across the way they were. If you think I’m stocky you should have seen Henry (some big cat he was)…but no again, they came back over to me and later asked the lady to open the pen so they could take a closer look. Well I was comfy there and could see what was coming so as soon as she touched my back to pick me up a gave her such a clout. Not full claws though but enough to ward her off. It didn’t work and I was well miffed when she brought me out into the cold corridor…and well it was love at first sight… “cracked it” I thought…I was soon on my way home under the storm clouds with my new proud owners…..and had I landed on my feet this time bet I had.. See you next month.. Norm…. (now ed what picture are you going to dig out for this update, it’d better be a good one). Here y’are Norm. It’s one of you looking pretty dapper in the garden