Norman’s Christmas Message 2011

Seasons Greetings reader, whether you are cat, kitten, creature or human.

I hope you had a lovely calm and peaceful year and have an equally peaceful 2012.

Ahem miaow. I myself had a fairly uneventful time of it except for my run in with a veterinary dentist who had the audacity and wherewithal to extract my left rear molar without my consent (and very painful it was too). That, and of course my enforced summer stay in the local cattery (always a low point of my year)! Other than that I had a marvelous time, mainly sleeping but occasionally getting up to chase a bird, mouse or small human around the garden.

Norman gets excited as it’s Christmas again

Photograph: Ed @ moggyblog

Enough of me already! This season of the year is (as always) a time for us all, to think about one another, and for yours truly this means meditating on the sad plight of the tigers, lions and all the human hunted cats of this world. Also, consider (as I do) the unwanted street cats and the waifs & strays of our cities and the hardships they have to endure.

So I urge you dear reader to, reassess your priorities and to visit your local cat (or dog) sanctuary in the new year and, if you can, fit another ball of fur, claws and teeth (ouch) and sheer feline/canine delight into your clan, please do so.

As for our bigger cousins, let those with the means, help as much as they can. For the rest of us we will have to pray that the hunters realise the error of their ways in this coming year.

A very merry Christmas, good health and kind fortune to you all,

All my love, sincerely,

x x x

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