Are you sitting comfortably

Well here’s Norman in a very quiet mood I must say.

You’d never know why he was dubbed stormin’ from this little piece… but just watch this space …or check out Normans’ story in Normans Blog (there’s a link just off to the right there). Bye, Ed.

Registration Agreement Terms.

Reader, this is an important note about moggyblog and for once it gets a bit serious.

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Ed & Norman

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The Sphynx Cat

What a beauty…and friendly too

A very lively, playful, and intelligent breed. They are extremely friendly and outgoing and are always in the mood to cuddle.

Part monkey, child, and dog is probably the best way to describe them. They are not timid and aloof, as some cats can be. Sphynx cats are not a one-person cat as they are sure to get along with every member of the family.

Always up to mischief a new Sphynx cat would liven up any household. Because of their extremely affectionate nature, they do best in homes with other pets, be they cats dogs or humans.

Beloved Tigger

Tigger. Having a rest after putting the washing out.

This is Tigger a much beloved pet who had to put up with the trials of a large family life. She was wise though and used to avoid the children of the house and their friends and would position herself in the garden in a place where she could make a quick getaway through the rickety old fence if she spotted an over friendly child coming to find her.
Tigger had beautiful long black fur and bright green eyes and she was extremely pretty. She had a home in the shed at night as she was not allowed to wander off like other neighbourhood cats. She seemed to accept this with good grace and slept on the windowsill, probably watching all the nocturnal creatures outside.