British Longhair

The British Longhair cat is a semi-longhair version of British Shorthair. Apart from fur, it is identical to the British Shorthair. The British Longhair is also known as Lowlander in U.S. and Britanica in Europe, but is not recognised in the UK as a separate breed.
The rationale for this breed is that the original longhaired British cat, through interbreeding with imported longhairs, was developed into the Persian and became increasingly massive and extreme in type and with longer, thicker fur than the early Persians. During the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, the Persian was considered the longhaired analogue of the British Shorthair (Frances Simpson’s The Book of the Cat depicts and describes the old type of Persian). During the latter part of the 20th Century a shorthaired version of the modern Persian was developed and was called the Exotic Shorthair; this was very different from the British Shorthair. It was therefore proposed that a longhaired cat of the British type be reintroduced into the cat breeds.

Just back from the scrap

Hello reader, Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while… just busy with things… you know how it is. Thought I’d post about seeing off a rival cat in the garden the other day. I did try and make friends but the Tom was having none of it. So I told him where to get off in no uncertain terms. After all I have my reputation to keep up… But I guess one day I wont be king of the hill any longer and I’ll have to hand in my rebel crown….
That stray Tom was not dis-similar to this chap
Bye for now. Norm

The Breed List

Presented below is the breed list, showing the entries we have so far.

If you are the owner of a cat of a breed type not listed below, I would welcome any notification of that missing breed please. If you woudl like to create a post for your specific breed this would be most welcome please.

You can either register to post your entry (please mark [for breed] though) or else please email me a photo and text for the cat(s) concerned.

Thanks to the website for many of the breed descriptions and also to Wikipedia for other pieces of the information presented. Many other sources were also consulted in the creation of the list.

  1. Abyssinian
  2. American Bobtail
  3. American Curl
  4. American Keuda
  5. American Shorthair
  6. American Wirehair
  7. Angora
  8. Asian Semi-longhair
  9. Australian Mist
  10. Bahraini Dilmun Cat
  11. Balinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Birman
  14. Bombay
  15. British Longhair
  16. British Shorthair
  17. Burmese
  18. Burmilla
  19. California Spangled Cat
  20. Chantilly/Tiffany cat
  21. Chartreux
  22. Chausie
  23. Colorpoint Shorthair
  24. Cornish Rex
  25. Cymric
  26. Desert Lynx
  27. Devon Rex
  28. Don Sphynx
  29. Egyptian Mau
  30. European Shorthair
  31. Exotic cat
  32. Foldex Cat
  33. German Rex
  34. Havana Brown
  35. Himalayan
  36. Japanese Bobtail
  37. Javanese
  38. Korat
  39. LaPerm
  40. Maine Coon
  41. Manx Munchkin
  42. Nebelung
  43. Neva Masquerade
  44. Norwegian Forest Cat
  45. Ocicat
  46. Ojos Azules
  47. Oriental Longhair
  48. Oriental Shorthair
  49. Persian
  50. Peterbald
  51. Pixie-bob
  52. Ragdoll
  53. Russian Blue
  54. Russian Blue II
  55. Savannah
  56. Scottish Fold
  57. Selkirk Rex
  58. Serengeti
  59. Siamese
  60. Siberian
  61. Singapura
  62. Snow Cat
  63. Snowshoe
  64. Sokoke
  65. Somali
  66. Sphynx
  67. Sterling
  68. Tonkinese
  69. Toyger
  70. Turkish Angora
  71. Turkish Van
  72. Ussuri
  73. York Chocolate Cat

Are you sitting comfortably

Well here’s Norman in a very quiet mood I must say.

You’d never know why he was dubbed stormin’ from this little piece… but just watch this space …or check out Normans’ story in Normans Blog (there’s a link just off to the right there). Bye, Ed.