Loveable Rogues

Reader, here is a collection of stray Greek cats we crossed paths with on our holiday in Kefalonia this year. These waifs and ne’er-do-wells were spotted in and around our resort town of Skala on the south of the Island.
Buster the cat
Buster – Love the eyeliner kid!
If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Buster here, a name we quickly gave him after he turned up outside our hotel room. He was so tough and sturdy, and the poor creature had ears burned to a crisp by the fierce greek sunshine. He was well fed though, so that’s something….but we had to chip in with some treats of course (a pouch or two), as you do. He kept coming back for more…and loved to hang out in the ‘air con’ of our room. o.k. its a fair cop guv. but we felt sorry for him in that heat – all the live long day.’
Bar Cat
This little Kitten liked to lie around out of the sun, on the cool grass …. and after the lawn sprinklers had stopped, of course.
More fish cat
Mr Bib wanting more Fish no doubt
Mr Bib was begging for something at this point.
Breakfast Cat
Breakfast Cat
A regular ‘customer’ at breakfast was this tabby… but there were ‘turf wars’ going on for sure with the other early risers.
Good Morning Puss
Good Morning Puss
….and ‘sister’ was never too far behind either…In general it seems that these creatures were managing to scrape a living together on the streets of Skala village. A barman confided that if it wasn’t for his bar snacks (bits of which were donated by holidaymakers like us) these cats wouldn’t get fed at all. Who knows how they cope out of season.
Buster (again!). There to greet us with a purr at all hours of the day or night. Thats’ all for now… Part Two next week …


Cat of the Month ~ September 2017
Blackie the cat in the sunshine
Blackie, enjoying the warm sunshine
Photograph: © Ed
Blackie is a faithful 3 year old domestic cat with great hunting ability. She lives in County Roscommon in the republic of Ireland where life is peaceful and slow for most. But if you are a bird or a mouse you’d better have your wits about you when Blackie is about!She is often seen depositing little presents on her cottage doorstep, accompanied by great howls of “look at me” and “a’rnt I a clever puss”.

Hey Osc, you could learn a thing or two from this here puss

Blackie the cat at the door
Blackie at the door, after food or some fuss!
Photograph: © Ed

Kitty’s Kittens

Kitty is a stray cat who lives in the Roscommon area of Ireland. Here are some photos of Kitty and her recent offspring.

Cat(s) of the Month ~ September 2016
Kitty supervising the youngsters
Photo: Al
Kittens pose for the camera
Photo: Al
Starting to prowl
Photo: Al
All snug in the sunshine
Photo: Al
An Adventure begins
Photo: Al

Pontinha Island Cats

Madeira Island lies 360 miles west of the African city of Morocco, in the north Atlantic Ocean. Pontinha Island lies just twelve feet from the island of Madeira (well in fact, its now connected to the mainland by a harbour wall!). Nevertheless Pontinha is a true Principality ruled over by a self proclaimed Prince Ranato II. Pontinha is also ruled over by a whole bunch of friendly cats!

blackie the cat, as named by ed
Kitten Blackie greets us on the steps.
Photo: Ed
a view from cat island
A View from Cat Island
Photo: Ed

The Cats of Pontinha Island (it seems) were the waifs and strays of Funchal town, but they are now in the protection of the state of Pontinha. They are quite well fed and seemed to be in fairly good health if a little weather beaten by the North Atlantic gales.

cat on some driftwood
Ginger curls around some warm driftwood
Photo: Ed

We happened on this curious country of cats while taking our summer break. At the bottom of the steps we climbed to the lookout tower, the first of these creatures came into view. A black kitten with a beautiful face and a yawn that would swallow a whale. More cats appeared as we climbed further up the fortified tower.

the spanish galleon cat
Once there were pirates…
Photo: Ed

On reaching the lookout platform yet more moggies were taking shelter from the sun. One or two stirred to greet us. Perhaps they know that our small contributions would be paying for their meals of fish scraps.

help the royal cats sign - they need food
These royal cats need help for food
Photo: Ed

It is said that as far back in time as 1419 the first voyagers to Madeira took refuge on this tiny outcrop before stepping onto its neighboring island – the Island of Madeira.

curious cat
One eye on the admirer
Photo: Ed
a sleeping cat on ponthina island
Sleeping until dusk when the hunt begins
Photo: Ed

Cut into this natural rock formation are several rooms of the ancient Fort of St. Jose which helped guard Funchal Harbour for at least two centuries. Much of the fort was destroyed in the 19th century when the harbour wall was built. What survived was sold under Royal Charter in 1903 and then became an independent State.

three cats in a row
Three cats sleep in the afternoon heat
Photo: Ed
a serious moogy
Er, Wot you lookin’ at
Photo: Ed
Blacie the cat says goodbye in a fashion
Blackie Bids us a fond farewell
Photo: Ed
a cat keep watch over the town
Night falls on Pontinah and the lookout is assigned his duty
Photo: Ed

Cat Chat

Cat Chat! We just can’t resist the cute purr chatting of these two kittens. It’s infectious!

A fascinating video from the Youtube stable.

The one on the right is the spit of kitten Norman.