Elegant Ebony

by Ed  

Cat of the Month ~ November 2016

Ebony the cat is a gorgeous girl who enjoys having a clean, glossy coat and if that means that her humans have to help with the beauty equipment well so be it.

A girl just has to grab the opportunity for a free treatment to look her best!

Ebony gets a makeover

Video: © Mick
[Warning: this is not recommended for your beloved cat of course. Ebony has become used to being sucked by a vacuum cleaner over many years - It could frighten a poor unsuspecting moggy] ..
Well I know I wouldn't like it but who is this ebony, I'd like to meet her? [Oscar]

Pumpkin Pals

by Ed  

'When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.'

oscar and his new pals
Oscar and his new pals, Pumpkin Pat & Lantern Len
Photograph: by Ed
Oscar took a shine to this poem by an anonymous author, so we have used it for his halloween post. Oscar tells me this really is the best time of year for all black cats! Happy Halloween, with love from little Oscar and Ed.