One Homeless Cat

We’ve found out recently of just how many cats around the world currently need loving homes. Here’s one such cat ‘Leo’ we chose at random. We don’t know Leo personally but just saw his cute face staring back at us from the Swansea Cat Protection website.

Cat of the Month ~ August 2012

Leo, One homeless cat to go

.. for cats like Leo, who sit around waiting for a Friend to come along, the motto of Cats Protection comes to mind

‘Our vision is a world where every cat is treated
with kindness and an understanding of its needs’

Cats Protection is one of many different cat charities in the United Kingdom. It was founded in the in 1927 and today helps more than 230,000 cats and kittens every year through a network of over 250 volunteer-run branches. They also have 29 adoption centres and a homing centre. They certainly gave me shelter for months and helped me find a new home!

To think about all these English (and World) cats in need can be a bit disheartening, so it is better to think globally but act locally (this is indeed my motto when I go off and put my scent marks in other people’s gardens).

If you can personally offer a home to a cat then there will be a cat rescue centre near you you can find online. Of course if you cant adopt then you could support the great work these Cat (and Dog) hostelries do with a one off inexpensive sponsorship or donation. You can get to visit all these lovely cats this way too. Just ask your local adoption centre for details.

As for me, well wouldn’t you know its holiday time (for some) again, so I’m going to be temporarily joining the throng of disowned cats when I’m packed off to the local cattery.
So I’d best now wish all you cats out there a safe, healthy and happy summer 2012

All my love,

Norm. x X x

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