Lion Cub

Cat of the Month ~ October 2014

lion cub photo by sperka

Lion Cub at Play
Photograph: Christian Sperka

Christian Sperka was born in Germany in 1962 is a professional photographer and photography teacher based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Over the last 10 years, Christian has traveled the world ( living in Germany, Switzerland and the USA) photographing mainly animals in wild game preserves of South Africa, the jungles of Costa Rica, as well as zoos in Switzerland and across the United States. His work has been featured in wildlife magazines, books and promotional campaigns for Nashville Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo and Zurich Zoo in Switzerland.

In June 2010, Christian opened his Animal Art Photography gallery at the Arcade in Nashville. Since January 2011 he is the Offical Nashville Zoo Photographer and Photography Teacher.

Visit Christian Sperka’s Website to view photographs of animals of all kinds.

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