American Keuda

The American Keuda cat has only been in development since about 2002 and therefore is not actually a fully-registered and widely-known breed. Keuda is an abbreviation for Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment, this term originated from a program in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, that was attempting to breed a superior quality barn cat from semi-feral specimens; the aim of the program was to produce a cat with the hardiest qualities and strong genes.

Photo of an American Keuda Cat

American Keuda – an emerging breed

American Keuda’s are often compared to another breed, the Egyptian Mau, whom they resemble; they have similar physiques, personalities and the same curious looking belly flap unique to the species.

Physically powerful and adept runners, the Keuda is smart and alert and loves warmer weather and will even go swimming on occasions. With an average bone-sized physique, these cats are capable of running like a cheetah, owing to the unique body flaps that allow them to lengthen their legs.

Keuda’s come in a wide range of appearances, some look like Havana Browns, others more akin to a Siamese cat, there are those that resemble a concoction of different breeds, while many more closely resemble a whole list of other recognized feline species.

Most of these types of cats have shortish coats yet there are a few in the breed with longer ones; they have small muzzles, protruding wide eyes, and lustrous, satiny fur that comes in several colors, including black, white, red, blue, chocolate, cream, golden, shaded (some with tabby markings), bi-colours and tortoiseshells.

They are renowned as being a ‘working cat’ and are suited for life in rural areas and are really a classic farm pet; making ideal family companions, they are flexible, bright-natured and softly vocal.

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