Wind and rain dont stop me now

Hi reader, Norm here.

I’m back after my long winter break holed up in my kennel (pic to follow – Ed). I know, kennels for dogs ‘n all that, but it does keep me out of those strong winds we’ve been getting round here lately. It’s like someone running a cold hand across my back….and the wrong way at that…eventually I get to cowering all round the garden as I try to make my way…no I don’t like it at all! So was I pleased to get this kennel. Cats and rain you know they don’t mix either much. 🙄

So Xmas, here’s me thinking they brought me a new litter tray made of cardboard and, as usual, I had to go in and investigate. Well when I got in there, there was all this silver and gold snake like stuff mmmm tinsel they call it I think, but my overall impression was of the scent of a previous visiting moggy (that would have been Gingerbread ,Ed) and I wasn’t having any of that, so I duly nestled down and sprayed the whole place (look away now, reader) to ensure that no other cats would be using my tray again. Suddenly, the whole world started to rock and the box floated into the air in the arms of my keeper (I can’t repeat the words that were flying from his mouth, they would make your hair curl) (it wasn’t me!, Ed) and I knew I’d done something wrong. Next thing I was out on the back lawn in the freezing cold (box n’ all) and wondering what all the fuss ‘n bother was about. I just snuggled down and went to sleep in that same box. Well, it made a change from the kennel.


Norman – talking at ya!

Please watch out for my next post reader, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.



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