This ancient, rare breed was originally found in Japan and throughout most of southeast Asia. It is not a native breed in Java nor Indonesia. Genetically they are part of the long-haired Oriental genus. The term “Javanese cat” was coined by a Helen Smith of ‘MerryMews’ Cattery in the 1950’s. The name is derived from the tradition of using the names of the countries and islands of south-east Asia for Oriental cat breeds.

Javanese have a long, silky coat, that comes in a variety of colors. These cats are ranked among the most intelligent and affectionate breeds of cat. It is said they require companionship and stimulation to remain healthy.

A Javanese showing her unique tail

Photograph: unknown

These long, lanky cats have very sleek and powerful legs that make them very adept at running and leaping. They are generally very playful pets but they do however have a tendency to become overweight if they do not receive adequate exercise. Javanese are also quite vocal, and most will “talk” for no particular reason.

Javanese Cat

Javanese – Are elegant and intelligent cats

Photograph: unknown

Javanese have a unique tail which is made up of extremely furry strands. The Javanese has a distinctive oriental look that is given by high cheekbones and slightly almond-shaped eyes. This exquisite cat comes in a rainbow of colors and coat patterns in both long-haired and short-haired varieties.

Javanese cats are referred to by show cat fanciers as colourpoint cats: showing odd or “rare” colors; such as red or white, or patternation; tabby and tortie. As with many show cats the Javanese has common genetic defects (and are shared with the “Balinese Cat” and the “Siamese Cat”). These include: deafness, joint issues, early-onset arthritis, hip displacement and cross-eye.

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