Another scrap

Hi reader, Norman reporting..

Well I really went and did it this time. Had my morning bowl and went out for a stretch. Just patrolling my boundary on Friday morning with a bit of scent marking here and there and along comes this fur ball monster of a puss. Noses out from under the fence he does. I was duty bound to protect my territory and wasn’t going to let him step on my ground for a minute. Sadly I knew I was doomed from the start.
In seconds Claw and Fur were flying and I didn’t feel it at first. I saw him off alright but suspect he just went home for his breakfast as I was an easy target for the brute. I’m a bit nervous now of that patch of dirt by the fence in case his face appears there again. And for my bravery I have a half inch slash across my forehead which is claw deep…and what’s worse a further result was….well see for yourself.

Looking rough in my ruff

Me in my medical Ruff. Stops me licking the wound.

My owner took this photo to prove the battle was indeed real. And the Ruff..well you see I just cant keep from licking my wound so I’m now trussed up like Mary Queen of Cats.

Hope you like my tale, so..until the next time…



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