Cat of the Month ~ October 2013
Napoleon Cat
The International Cat Association (TICA) classifies the Napoleon Cat as a domestic hybrid breed, “A breed developed from a deliberate cross between two existing domestic breeds, incorporating characteristics of both parental breeds into the new breed.” The two breeds (or Groups) from which the Napoleon is derived are the Munchkin breed and the Persian breed type. Napoleons can be both long-haired or short-haired. The breed was created by Joseph B. Smith, a Basset Hound breeder (a stubby breed of dog)and AKC judge, inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s front page feature of the Munchkin on June 12, 1995. In 1996, Joe (of the Blueline cattery) started breeding Persians with Munchkins. He wanted to create a breed that would have wide appeal, whether the cat had the signature short legs or the longer legs of the non-standard version. Joe decided to call his breed the Napoleon after the short-statured Napoleon Bonaparte. The Persians used were the so-called doll faced Persians which had a longer nose than the modern Persian and a very open sweet expression. He chose the Persian breed group as an outcross to the Munchkin for reasons of both beauty and bone structure. From the Munchkin group, the Napoleon has inherited its distinctively short legs. The short legs of the Munchkin occurred as a spontaneous mutation in the general cat population and have been in common existence for many years. The short legs do not hinder the cat in any way; they run, jump, and play just like any cat. From its Persian group (including Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Himalayans) the Napoleon has inherited its lovely round face, eyes, and dense coat. Also from the Persian group, the Napoleon has also acquired its substantial boning. This boning is necessary to provide a good support system for its uniquely short legs. It must be emphasised however that the Napoleon is not merely a short-legged Persian nor a hairy Munchkin. It is a unique combination of these two groups, making it easily distinguishable from any other breed of cat.

That Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat (aka. Tardar Sauce) was born on April 4, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona. She is a domestic shorthair breed of feline. According to her owner Tabatha Bundesen, her mother was a regular Domestic Shorthair Calico and her dad was a grey-striped housecat.
grumpy cat
Tardar Sauce aka. Grumpy Cat
Tardar is undersized and has hind legs that “are a bit different”. She has endearing panda patches around her sky blue eyes, offset by a permanently down at the mouth expression on her jowls. It is said by Mrs Bundesen that this grumpy-looking face is due to feline dwarfism and an under bite. Undoubtedly these unique features have been the reason for Tardars popularity… …and what a rise to fame it has been, Tardar has a bestselling book, several movies and has already made it on to the cover of The Wall Street Journal and the New York magazine. Grumpy Cat merchandising is big business …. Today the “Grumpy Cat Inc. Corporation of Ohio has an estimated value of well over a Million Dollars… Tardar has a brother called Pokey who keeps her company around the house. Ironically, Tardar Sauce is calm and “actually really nice” whereas Pokey is the one with a grumpy personality.
Pokey “the grumpy one” with Grumpy Cat

According to the Bundesens, Tardar Sauce is a normal cat “Ninety-nine percent of the time”… “Photo sessions are only once a week, and handling by strangers is limited”….” She’s very well taken care of, and we love her.” Thats nice to know! ~~~~ a few facts about grumpy cat are listed below ~~~~ Grumpy Cat merchandising is now in full flow with: Movies, Calendars, T-Shirts, Plush and Fluffy toys, A coffee beverage ‘Grumppuccino’, Mugs, Mats, T-shirts, the endorsement of Friskies Cat food, 1.3 million Likes on facebook and Photo and Weather Apps for the iPhone…. Grumpy says … “all this success ain’t changed me at all… it’s others that treat me differently, thats all :(”
  • Grumpy Cat’s popularity originated from a picture posted to the social news website Reddit by Bundesen’s brother Bryan on September 22, 2012.
  • The Official Grumpy Cat” on Facebook has over 1.3 million Likes.
  • [May 30, 2013] Grumpy Cat was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.
  • [October 7, 2013] Grumpy Cat was featured on the cover of New York Magazine.
  • MSNBC named Grumpy Cat 2012’s most influential cat.
  • Grumpy Cat won first prize at the second annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival.
  • [July 23, 2013] The official Grumpy Cat book was published by Chronicle Books..and made 7th place on the New York Times Best Seller List
  • Grumpy Cat has appeared on Today, Good Morning America,CBS Evening News, Anderson Live, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and The Soup.
  • Grumpy Cat appeared on the world famous “Garage Logic” radio broadcast the day of the MN State Fair live Internet Cat Film Festival.
  • Grumpy Cat promoted Grumpy Cat ~ A Grumpy Book at BookExpo America. She attended her book’s launch at Kitson and The Grove’s Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles.
  • [March 2013] Grumpy Cat attended SXSW Interactive, hosted at the Mashable House.Friskies paid travel expenses to Austin in order to film You-Tube show “Will Kitty Play With It?”
  • [April 18, 2013] Grumpy Cat appears in Lil Bub & Friendz, a documentary premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on and won the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Film.
  • [May 2013] Grumpy Cat is all set to be cast into a “Garfield-like feature film” adaptation. The prospective producer Todd Garner said “We think we can build a big family comedy around this character.
  • [August 2013] Grumpy Cat met Lil Bub at the second annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the Minnesota State Fair.
  • … to be continued …
  • Link to a news report about Tardar Sause
Information from Wikipedia, The Times(UK) and other sources

Kohana Cat

Cat of the Month ~ September 2013
an adult kohana called maggot
Kohana Cat, so very rare.
Photograph: extracted from Youtube Channel video (by valmara1971). [The photo has been digitally enhanced.]
The history of the Kohana Cat is vague to say the least (or at least I’ve not found much information so far … ). Rumour has it that this intriguing creature is the result of a genetic mutation of cat breeds originating on the island of Hawaii. There are only somewhere in the region of 20 of these felines alive in the world today. Kohana’s have absolutely no hair on their body apparently. Not having seen one in the flesh I’m just going to have to take that as true. This cat it seems has no hair follicles so hair cannot grow, and what is more this renders the skin texture somewhere between old human skin and damp rubber. Other distinguishing features are quite a lively temperament, very large ears and long sinuous rat like tail. This cat is still a beauty in my book. Note: the cat pictured (from a short video)is called maggot and apparently he has a brother called Beetlejuice, the story continues …