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Category: "Re-Homing"

Nebulung Cat needs a home

by Ed  

Hi reader, Do you live in or around New Jersey U.S.A?

Member Prudence has written in to ask for offers of a home for a beautiful Nebulung Cat (see Picture below). If you live in the New Jersey region and would love to look after a long haired cat please contact Prudence on the email address give below.

... Here is the message

I am fostering a nebulung cat name Maggie in hopes in finding her a forever home with little success. I am reaching out to this network to find someone who would love a cat that snuggles and cuddles up. Attached is her picture.

Please contact: prudences@aol.com

Thank you.

Beautiful Maggie needs a home! ~~~ she's sure to be lucky:-)

Photograph: Member, "prudencies"

Pudence, I wish you luck with this request. [Ed.]