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Magic Cat gets you guessing.

 01 Mar 2009 10:51     by Ed in Just for fun
Hi Reader, This was forwarded to us here at Moggyblog.Com by a fellow cat lover.

This studious cat is amazing and certainly baffled us. Try it out to see how you fair with this puzzle. We're certainly going to teach our lad this trick.

Just click on the link to open the powerpoint file. I've checked it for spyware and the like and its quite safe.

Magic Cat
Magic Cat

Magic Cat - Open me and give me a whirl.

Mr Jirongs' hoggy mog

 21 Jun 2008 04:38     by Ed in Just pics, Just for fun
Mr Jirongs' hoggy mog
Mr Jirongs' hoggy mog ~ that's some belly that is.
Moggy is a hoggy ... China's Xu Jirong holds his cat, which weighs 15kg and sports a 77cm waist [Image Copyright 2008 Daily Telegraph News Limited]
  • This is a shame! What was his crime? ...escaping from a zoo and then just trying to survive as any creature would.
  • RIP Lilleth

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