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After you have registered and confirmed your email address is correct you can then start blogging. Please read on for full instructions.

1. Logging In

To begin a blog select the 'Login' link at the top of this page. Following your 'Login' you'll be presented with a screen which has one subtle difference from the usual page. It has a Grey toolbar at the top as shown in the image below.

logged in page showing the toolbar

From this toolbar all you need to do is select the 'Back-office' link.

From the screen presented select 'Moggy Blog' and in the further screen presented (shown below) you will be able to begin a new blog post.

2. Create A New Blog Post

Use the 'Post' button to start a new blog.

blogging panel

Just type your blog text into the new blog window as shown below. Click the 'Save and Edit' button to periodically Save your work.

When you have completed your text hit the 'Preview' button to review your work before blogging it. When you're happy with the Post hit the 'Publish' button so as to transfer your work to the live Moggyblog blogs.

Remember you can edit or delete your post at any time as a Moggyblog member.

blogging panel

3. Adding a Photograph

You can also upload pictures by using the 'Save & Start attaching Files' button (see the annotated image below).

On pressing this, the page will refresh and you will see the button Add/Link files. This is shown in the further screenshot below.

file upload

You then need to use the Browse button to find the folders (on your own computer) where you have stored your cat photograph(s) and then select the one you want. The best image width and size (in Megabytes) is given below.

Image Size: 460mm width. Any Height.

Filesize Limit: 2 Megabytes (2Mb.)

You now just have to press the '> Quick Upload' button and the file will be transferred to Moggyblog.

Very last of all, scroll to the top of the window (the one you used to select your Cats photograph) and you'll see where it says "Insert the following code snippet in your post". Just click that (or 'Cut and Paste' the code shown) and then close the file browser. If all has gone well you should then see the image code block showing in your blog.

Back in your home (blog) window on Moggyblog - If you now press the Preview button you'll see the image in the post and you're ready to publish with the new Picture of your cat added.

4. Any Problems

If you have any problem with any of the above Help please drop me a line!

Oscar and I hope you enjoy using Whether you're just reading cat blogs or taking the plunge and blogging about your own precious animal.

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