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Category: "Cats' Tales"

Corinth Canal Cats

by Ed  

So... we decided to take the trip to Athens from our holiday island Zante (Zakinthos) in Greece. Thought we'd take a look at the Acropolis (you know the one with the famous Parthenon on the top).

After a ferry trip across the Ionian sea to Kylini and a further two hours coach drive (with a blistering heat outside) we stopped off to look at the mighty Corinth canal in Korinthos, with the thermometer reading 38 degrees Centigrade... ouch!

The Gigantic Corinth Canal - nearly 4 miles long, 87 metres high with a water depth of 8 meters

Stepping off our air conditioned coach was like stepping into a pizza oven, so we quickly took our holiday snaps and headed for the snack bar by the canal... and guess what.... out from under the tables came a bunch of street wise moggies. ('cause when the tourists arrive that means food', right guys?)

A ginger tom, anticipating his din dins

...and it was fuss all around until the fish & chips and feta cheese pies were served. During the meal some scraps were duly distributed amongst the pack.

Tucking in to a fish head, mmm..

.. but some of those moggies were having none of it. Too hot or too proud, who knew?

A proud fellow
A justly proud creature.

So there they were, the Corinth Canal Cats, all having a fuss and feed in the shade...

... meanwhile from out of nowhere this hot dog turned up. She was so hot in fact that she decided to take a cooling dip in the canal. Needless to say the moggies had no such respite from the heat.. but the food was excellent.

A very sensible dog keeps cool in the canal

... the old dog was still wading away when we pulled on to the E94, Patra to Athens highway and headed on our way ....

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Me and my Cat Shack

by Norman

Hi reader... Norm here again.

Well I finally got my owner to take a picture of my cat house (which he likes to call a kennel... but I'm having none of it ~ it's nowhere near as good as a kennel!).

Me and my Cat Shack
Here I am in my cat shack (Huh, kennel! my left paw it is!).

Well here's me thinking what lovely house this is... made out of some left over wood from the new floor and covered in roof felt,to keep the rain out... but what does he then do, but show me a picture of some continental cats palace (I mean just look at it!), all made of posh timber and covered in a shiny tile and button mosaic...

.. but I'm not jealous, honest.

Max the Cat in his posh house
Max in his cat shack covered in a mosaic of tiles and buttons.

Well, lucky old Max I must say! I think I need to have a word don't you.