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Category: "Cross Breed"

Cross Breed Cat Types

by Ed  

Here are just a few of the hundreds of Cross Breed Cat varieties.

  • Abyssinian Bobtail Abyssinian with bobtail mutation (naturally occurring mutation seen in feral cats). Also Abyssinian x Japanese Bobtail.
  • Himbur Himalayan x Burmese, longhair Tonkinese, Persian in mink series colors.
  • Iranese Tonkinese x Persian. (Australia).
  • Kinkalow American Curl x Munchkin
  • Manxkin Manx x Munchkin, tailless Munchkin.
  • Mynx Manx x Sphynx. Attempts to breed hairless tailless cat have not been generally welcomed.
  • SiaCoon Siamese x Maine Coon
  • Siamalayan Siamese x Himalayan (not a breed, just a pairing)
  • Si-Aby (Siassinian) Siamese x Abyssinian - unofficial term for a tick-pointed Siamese/colorpoint Abyssinian.
  • Siamali Siamese x Somali (or Balinese x Abyssinian) - unofficial term for a colorpoint Somali type/tick-pointed Balinese.
  • Siamilla Siamese x Burmilla - unofficial term for a colorpoint Burmilla (ticked points)/colorpoint Burmese type cat.
  • Si-Bob (Colorpoint Bobtail) Siamese x Japanese Bobtail/American Bobtail - unofficial term for a colorpoint Japanese Bobtail.
  • Si­Manx Siamese x Manx - unofficial term for a colorpoint Manx.
  • Si-Rex Colorpoint Rex e.g. Devon Si-Rex, Cornish Si-Rex.
  • Somilla Somali x Chinchilla; apparently with aim of producing a silver-tipped/shaded-silver Somali-type cat (not developed). Similar to existing silver series Somalis in UK and (Alaskan) Snow Cat in US.
  • Sphynxamese Colourpoint Sphynx variant with an Oriental conformation
  • Sphynxkin Sphynx x Munchkin crossbreed.

Source article by Sarah Hartwell. TICA (www.tica.org) has some great breed information for the common cat breeds. For these cross breeds you'll need to do a little more research though.