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 28 Apr 2010 23:38     by Ed in Chausie, Caracal
Cat of the Month ~ April 2010
The Chausie is a hybrid between the African Jungle Cat and a plain domestic shorthair, and it's a big cat (when fuly grown 900 cms long and 500 cms high)! It's a relatively new breed and was only registered officially in 1995. They take their name from the Latin term for the African Jungle Cat, Felis Chaus.
Chausie, Known to leap up to six feet in the air!
Because of their ancestry they are excellent hunters and very active when they wish to be. Despite this they are also very loving and playful. They don't mind being touched or petted, but it's reported that this species don't really like cuddling (I don't think many cats do, do they? Ed). Chausie are known for being twice the size and weight of an average house cat. Despite their size these cats are not bulky, having an athletic build with a wide chest, small paws, long legs, and a thin but dense bone structure. They will take from two to three years to become a fully grown adult. There are only three official color patterns for the pedigreed Chausie. The first is just plain black. The second is a brown ticked tabby. Cats with this pattern generally have a pale belly with a light tan body and darker brown stripes. The third color pattern is unique to this species and is called a silvered tip. The cat will have a silvery grey coloring with large black dots all over its body similar to that of a leopard. Chausie have a long, thick neck that leads to a tall and narrow skull. The jaw should taper sharply down to the snout and the eyes are comparatively low on the face. The entire head should be dominated by extremely tall and straight ears, sometimes tipped like a bobcat. In the cat’s resting position the ears should be angled to face directly forward.
a chausie kitten
A Chausie kitten

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