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Category: "About Cats"

St Patrick's Day Cat

by Ed  

Cat of the Month ~ March 2017

A sturdy, friendly animal

Photograph: © Ed

Well Wouldn't you know it!

On this here St Patrick's day we happened upon this beautiful creature on the Grand Union canal towpath in Warwickshire. He looked a bit 'Russian Blue' to our untrained eyes. He was a sturdy puss with lots of muscle around his shoulders. Working out in his home made gym in the garage we mused ... and such a friendly animal too ...no claws in sight.

On inspecting the collar around his neck we found an attached enameled shamrock..... now surely that must be a good luck omen!

We duly made the said moggy cat of the Month

So, Happy Saint Patrick's day one and all!

From Ed and Oscar

My Feline Valentine

by Oscar

There's a new cat on the block and she turned my head the moment I set my eyes on her.
We have been face to face with only a bit of growling (certainly no howling), so who knows where this could lead....

On my way to meet a very pretty puss

Photograph: © Ed@moggyblog

Its safe to say that she is my valentine (for this year at least)....and I don't even know her name.