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Goodbye Beloved Norman

by Ed  

3rd January 2003 - 26th October 2015.

Rest In Peace sweet Norman, our wondrous bonny boy.

The Sleeping Cat

by Norman

Dear Reader,

So Autumn has arrived again - how on earth did that happen?

Anyway, we cats make the most of all of the seasons - and the changing of the seasons is nature's way of reminding humans and cats alike to follow our instincts, slow down and take things just that bit easier. With that in mind, I, as September Cat of the month, have made....with the help of my trusted aid Ed.... an instructional video.

So please forget those pesky winds ruffling your coat and the dark nights drawing in. Just put your paws/feet (delete as appropriate) up and enjoy a Masterclass in pure relaxation.

Cat of the Month ~ September 2015

Norman provides a lesson in relaxation

Video: Ed

Norman xxx
P.S I'm sure this will be a great watch for people who don't have a cat too, as they will see just all the fun that they are missing.