The Unknown Cat

The Unknown Cat

 26 May 2014 20:47     by Ed in About Cats, Cat of the month
Cat of the Month ~ May 2014
An Unknown Cat at the door

Photograph: Ed @ Moggyblog
Most of us have them: a mystery cat who is seen irregularly in our gardens and yards, investigating our lives (and our family moggies) with total nonchalance and sometimes disdain. Where do these cocky creatures come from? ... probably a mere 'four doors down' or just around the proverbial corner, but they are as enthralling to us (wouldn't you agree) as cats from another planet (more of those later :-)). Occasionally they are just the flash of gooseberry green eyes as they look back whilst disappearing through a fence. More often they are the sight of a long fluffy tail scarpering over a wall, leaving us to guess what the rest of the attached body might possibly have looked like. However, this particular sturdy, handsome chap was very much at home in presenting himself, most confidently, by the back door.
Tabbatha being studiously ignored by a clearly very experienced ‘Unknown Cat’.

Photograph: Ed @ Moggyblog

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  • This is a shame! What was his crime? ...escaping from a zoo and then just trying to survive as any creature would.
  • RIP Lilleth

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