Cat Karims' three thousand kilometer walk

Cat Karims' 3000 kilometer walk

 24 Jun 2010 20:31     by Ed in Moggy News
The Moscow News reports that 'Karim', the nine year old housecat, crossed three countries and walked 3,000 kilometers (that's about 1865 miles) from Uzbekistan to his new home in Voronezh, Russia.
cat on the road
Another moggy on a journey
The green-eyed adventurer was left with neighbours when his owners moved on because they feared the three-day train ride would be too much for the creature. Then, eighteen months later Karim turned up in Liski, near Voronezh, at the market where the cats keeper Ravliya Khairova works. "It was a miracle!" Khairova told the reporter. "I went to work at the market as usual and a shabby and gaunt cat threw itself at my feet. I could not believe my eyes – it was our Karim, thin, and in very poor condition but it was him. He recognised me and reacted to his name." "I knew he had disappeared from my neighbours' home a few days after we left which was very sad but we never heard another word about him! He is very happy now and so are we. I've no idea how he found us but I'm very glad he did," she added." Ravliya 's husband Lev Kondratyev, 46, said, "He looks like he used up all of his nine lives to get to us - but it's definitely him. There are certain marks on his body including a scar on his tail, when it was caught in the door, that show us he is one hundred per cent our Karim - and he obviously recognised us as well," Kondratyev added. To reach Voronezh, Karim had to leave Uzbekistan and cross the whole of Kazakhstan before reaching Russia. Karim then had a further three hundred kilometer hike across Russia to reach Voronezh.
Karims route across Russia
Karims truly amazing journey

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