The exotic or exotic shorthair breed


 04 Oct 2007 17:03     by Ed in Cat Breeds, Exotic
Exotic cats (or Exotic Shorthairs) have a gentle and calm personality but are a very lively, curious and playful breed. They are friendly to other cats and dogs and in fact don’t like being left alone at all. To be content they need the presence of their owner (or of voices or smells reminiscent of their owner, such as a radio). They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats. Their calm and steady nature makes them ideal cats for smaller homes. Nonetheless, Exotics retain some of the energetic spark of their American Short-hair forebears and they are often capable mouse hunters.
An Exotic short-hair Kitten
Photograph: creative commons
An Exotic Shorthair kitten will be energetic and mischievous through its entire life. Exotics adapt well to social situations, often loving to show off whenever there are visitors in the household. Their history began in the 1960's when breeders of Domestic Short-hair cats sought to improve their breeds by cross-breeding them with Persian cats. Their pursuit was a huge success, eventually prompting the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) to bestow them with their very own breed category. They are now affectionately referred to as simply, 'Exotics'. As a result of being cross bred with Persian cats, as well as American Short-hair, Russian Blue, and Burmese cats, Exotics benefit greatly from an expanded gene pool. Exotic kittens are often born bigger, open their eyes faster, walk quicker, play sooner, and wean earlier than their Persian cousins, as well as exhibiting a well-rounded temperament.
exotic shorthair cat
Exotic Cats are peaceful and people loving
Photograph: creative commons
These cats become very attached to their owners and will give back every ounce of time and love given to them. An Exotic cat will make a great addition to any family. Here's a link to the Exotic Cat Club website. Norman and I are not affiliated to this club or website :.

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