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  • jumping norm dividereimg

Comment from: Erinn  

The picture shown above is absolutely no Russian Blue! Russian Blues are elegant and gracile and not as heavy as this one. There is a difference between the American version and the British version (which I prefer and breed) of the Russian blue, but both breeders will tell you that this is in no way a Russian Blue! This looks more like a British Shorthair with a blue fur.

01/05/09 @ 03:37
Comment from: Ed  

Erinn, I stand corrected, never having owned a Russian blue myself (and only ever seen them in books). I may do some research and see if I post a truer example.


08/05/09 @ 15:01
Comment from: Silver

Did you somehow take a picture of my Silver and put it here? :)

I absolutely love Russian blues. Very intelligent, family devoted, playful, independent. Sometimes I think he understands everything what I’m talking to him… only we speak different languages!

(the second picture doesn’t look like Russian blue)

13/12/10 @ 09:26

Thanks for the article.
The cat in the second picture resembles a Chartreux the (only?) other blue breed but I would not think he is a Russian Blue.

23/02/11 @ 09:09
Comment from: Ed

Thanks for the comments. It looks as though I will have to remove that second moggy and find another (true) Russian Blue photograph to put in his/her place. Any offers of a (link to a) good Russian Blue photograph please? Ta, Ed.

oh and sorry guys but I only really link to Moggy sites!

still waiting/looking for for a better example of russian blue chaps…. nice to hear you’re so passionate about this. I’ll replace the image when I get one. Please be patient:-)

23/03/11 @ 19:00

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